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Feature products and higher service center services in Indonesia

Higher Service Center is the brand name of various devices produced by China, which is very popular in Indonesia. A variety of electronic products such as washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators are displayed.  If  you know about the Sanyo brand, then the owner of the Haier brand can do so in this organization with respect to service services, sales and spare parts.

The demand for electronic products around the world has been growing rapidly so far, one of which is from Indonesia. Electronic products ranging from TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and many other needs are needed and distributed to the Indonesian region. You can find  yes in Haier’s company,  as well as in  Haier’s service center. The branch established by this company also covers the territory of Indonesia.

This higher company grew very rapidly in Indonesia, and even in 2019, the growth was 29%. For the time being, sanyo brand has been renamed as Aqua Japan. Although still considered a new competitor, the company is considered to be great at controlling the market as evidenced by its products sold in different parts of Indonesia. In addition to providing products, the company also provides service center services that are useful for manufacturing, spare parts, etc.

Provide service center services for refrigerator products

People definitely need a refrigerator in their daily needs. In fact, this one thing can be said to be inseparable in life. Because its performance is very important for storing a variety of food for a long time, including the lower middle class, this item is very much needed.

Within our company, offer a wide range of refrigerators with a variety of doors. The best refrigerator product is the AQR-D270 2-door refrigerator. Because this refrigerator is a popular model used by people, especially for today’s modern age. The price is very affordable for the Indonesian region, and the model  also features a lot of higher service center enthusiasts.

This refrigerator is of better quality as compared to others. Because we pay a lot of attention to the quality we get from this item. It also offers benefits such as complete installation, then no snow, additional large vegetable box, detachable, cosmetic box and tempered glass. With the various benefits of these products, don’t even forget about the service services offered in it.

This two-door refrigerator product can be found at our higher service center branch outlets  at a price that is absolutely friendly to you. In addition,  you can sell, serve, even spare parts for the refrigerator products according to their respective needs, we serve well. So you don’t have to wait long to make sure you depend on our service.    With a professional service that makes you comfortable shopping or wants to repair your damaged items, we will provide services as much as possible as per the customer’s wishes.

Availability of washing machine products with its various service center services

Now that it’s not a rare thing, washing machines are a major thing that the local Indonesian people need. Because of this item, you do not have to bother to wash various equipment from clothes, towels, curtains and various other equipment to suit your needs. We also provide service products for washing machines in the higher service center.

As for this advanced era, the washing machine is divided into two tubes and one tube. If  you look carefully at them both have their own advantages. For machines that use only one tube, it has the advantage of being more efficient than both tubes. In addition, the efficiency gained is also very much, for example the production of fqw-850728QD single-tube washing machine, products from Aqua Japan are always the best for you.

To get this item,   you  can contact the call center via live chat or contact SMS & WA at 085810003003 number or you can also contact it via email You can do various services such as spare parts, sales, purchases, spare parts etc. at  our  Higher Service Center outlets. Senaandfriendly service will give you an exceptional experience in doing transactions and services in our company.

AC is the best choice because of the benefits of the products and services offered.

Air conditioning or air conditioning products have become electronic goods, which are largely occupying homes in Indonesia. In fact, this usually replaces the presence of a fan that doesn’t feel fresh. Therefore, choosing air conditioning as a conditioner is a favourite thing for the local community.

But when you want to buy equipment such as this one air conditioner, quality for quality, you need to carefully observe, especially in today’s and age, a lot of these cooling products are produced. Also adjust the size of the room to be used. If the room is small, you can choose a smaller air conditioner.

One  of the ones you can choose from  is the Aqua Japan-owned AQA-KRCV9WJ cooler at the Higher Service Center because its compressor has advantages that it can cool the room automatically and adjust to the requirements in the occupied room. Then it is inevitable about the sophistication of this one product. In fact, no one can match the sophistication of the technology.

Just like refrigerators and washing machines, we also provide you with a service center that gives you the flexibility to make sales, spare parts, spare parts and other necessary services. Professional service and quality products make customers the best customers and subscribe to our services.   Adjust your own needs while ordering with us at  the Higher Service Center.

TV becomes a better product and the best product quality and service

Then the favorite electronic item is the TV from Aqua Japan.  You  can enjoy free time with your family by watching your and your family’s favourite television. Nya’s presence also brings its own atmosphere in the house as it increases the enthusiasm and euphoria of a home. The TV that exists today has evolved a lot compared to the past. The same is the case in terms of specifications.

For those who want to have a TV with premium quality  , the Haier Service Center also offers you a yes. In fact, it can be used not only for watching television shows, but also for video game consoles, which can also be done in TV quality from us. The foremost of these is le50AQT9600 series TV. In TV quality, there are already Miracast and HDR decoding features. In fact, it gives your family the best impression.

This feature is very special because the 4kHD feature offered displays 4 times the pixels in 1080 pixels. So, the quality of the images and videos shown cannot be doubted again. Of course, it has extraordinary clarity, so it gives you  a high-quality clear screen display. Get it right away, and also get a variety of attractive offers related to the service at the Higher Service Center in our company.

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