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Will the goods arrive late? Contact the JNE Call Center in the following way!

If you frequently use JNE trips, you  should contact the JNE call centre when you  are experiencing issues related to the delivery of goods. JNE is actually a company established in the 1990s that serves the public in customs services, especially import matters.

This company engaged in shipping and logistics is actually very popular in Indonesia and is often used as one of the best choices for online buying and selling transactions. JNE’s products and services are very diverse, from JNE Express, JNE Logistics to JNE Inventory.

If you’re shopping online, you’ll usually be asked to choose a trip to deliver the item when checking in. There are many e-commerce companies that use JNE travel services because they are experienced and rarely experience issues, and you always use JNE, don’t you?

What if the goods do not suddenly arrive, even if the estimated delivery time has passed?  In addition to contacting the JNE call centre, you can actually track the location of the goods via online to find out. But in this article, we will discuss ways to connect with the JNE CS.

Check receipts using other sites

When you shop online, you can usually see the listed receipt number and check the receipt number. Although in fact on e-commerce, it is possible to see where and where the process of sending these goods has reached and so on.

But sometimes there are some restrictions that do not update tracking the receipt number on e-commerce. From there you can check using the official JNE website.  However, if the official website has not been updated or you experience technical issues, you can use other receipt check sites.

Some of the recommended receipt verification sites to use by going to the main page of the site, then typing the receipt in your package, entering, and then following the next instructions. The status of your package will appear or you can check on other sites like this:

  1. com
  2. id
  3. com

If you’ve checked on various receipt verification sites, but you still can’t see an update of your package status, you  can contact  the JNE Call Center.  There are many ways in which you can make a complaint or find information about package distribution.

You can do this in a number of ways to connect directly to JNE customer service, such as through the listed email address, contacting JNE social media accounts, and through the hotline service or phone number provided. In fact, you can visit the Ask Johnny page to come directly to the head office.

Please contact the JNE Call Center via email

This method is often done because it’s simple, because you don’t have to  spend a lot of money. So you should only send an email to the official JNE email address, which  about the complaint you want to report, and the tip is to send it in the correct format.

Do not leave the material part blank when sending an email, the correct form is the object of the body with a complaint for example “complex package” and then fill in a clear description or description of the problem you face in the body of the email. You should use a list of what the obstacles are that are easy to understand through CS.

In the description section, do not forget to attach the name of the recipient, the name of the sender, and your active cell phone number. If necessary, you can also attach a photo as proof that you really have problems with the package being shipped. So you  don’t have to contact  the JNE call centre on the hotline service  , you can do it first via email.

After sending the email, you  should only wait for a response  from  cus to the mer service, where the duration depends on the order. In a few minutes, the administrator will be able to read and respond to your email. This may require you to wait for a few hours or a few days.

Live messaging via JNE social media accounts

In addition to the method above, i.e. sending complaints through the listed email address, you can also send messages via JNU social media. But make sure in advance that the message for JNE’s social media is actually his official social media account. In fact, it has been reported that making complaints through social media accounts is faster than email.

Facebook @JNEpusat, Twitter @JNE_id and Instagram @jne_id are the official JNU social media accounts. Keep in mind that the JNE Call Center has three accounts on social media  accounts – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so the rest open the official social media accounts of JNE, so you have to be careful.

Moreover, he was angered at being mobilized on behalf of some companies or invasions recently. So make sure that the social media account is the official account of JNE to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary events. Then how to send a complaint through a social media account?

You only need to send a message to one of the official social media accounts, and the format can be equivalent to sending a report via email. By combining the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, the receipt number and the mobile number that is still active, it is necessary to provide some explanations about the problem that occurred.

Accessing the JNE Call Center on the Johnny website

The next option is via the Ask Johnny page.  This site is actually a special page hosted by JNE so that customers or customers can report the issues more easily. Ask How to make a complaint on The Johnny page is very easy, namely:

  1. The first step is to open the ask Johnny page in
  2. Then you can fill in the required data such as name, address and cell phone number
  3. You can select customer service in the subject column
  4. In the message field, you can fill in or say a report that is being experienced
  5. Then click Send Message

When you contact the call center service via email or j&t social media account account, make sure you have entered the receipt number, the name of the sender, and the name of the recipient so that you can track or verify the location of the JNE package. Ask Johnny As for the response from the site, you can get a response from the cell phone number entered.

That’s why in the mobile number column, fill in the still active number or the number used when sending the package, which makes it easier for JNE to communicate again. In fact, apart from the above methods, you  can also contact  the JNE Call Centre or call directly through the hotline service.

The hotline number from JNE is 021 29278888, where you can call the number and wait until there is an operator to answer the call, then press the extension button to connect to the handling department. Then you can get in touch both ways through the hotline service.

But unfortunately, that’s why the hotline service is rarely used, because if you make a call directly to the listed number, you may be charged a phone fee depending on the provider being used.  Consumers at the JNU call centre are wondering if they want to make complaints via email or social media accounts.

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