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How to make a BNI ATM with its various conditions

How to make a BNI ATM is very simple. BNI is a state-owned bank that you may be familiar with. The BNI network from year to year is also becoming wider, even now existing in every sub-county and city across Indonesia. In some countries, BNI even already has representative branch offices.

Established from 1946, BNI has a large number of customers, apart from that BNI customers come not only from adults, but also from students. Kalan gan students also have the opportunityto have a savings account at Bank BNI.

Every time we open a bank account, we will later get a passbook and an ATM card that is used for payment instruments. ATM cards or debit cards are actually very useful banking devices at the moment.

BNI Bank ATM Card Types

Before you know how to make  a BNI ATM, you must first know the type of BNI ATM. As we know, BNI offers multiple ATM cards to meet the needs of its customers, each type of debit card has different fees and capabilities, here are some forms:

  1. BNI Financing Release. This type of BNI discharge is gray, on the front you’ll find chips and batik patterns. If you want to have this debit card, you only need to make an initial deposit of IDR 500 thousand.
  2. BNI Gold Debit. If you want to have a debit card with this type of gold, you must open a Taplus Bisnis account. The monthly administration fee is R[7500, with a cash withdrawal limit of IDR 15 million per day and a payment limit of IDR 50 million per day.
  3. BNI Platinum Debit. Typically, this BNI Platinum debit is owned by a businessman, the monthly costs he has are very high, but the limit is also huge, with a daily money withdrawal limit of only IDR 15 million, while the transfer limit for a fellow BNI reaches 100 million IDR how to make a BNI Platinum ATM equal to others.
  4. The Beginning of Green NPG. A green GPN payment card can only be used for domestic transactions, the advantage of this payment card is that the administrative fee is very light, the monthly administration fee is only Rp. 4 thousand.
  5. Orange NPG Delivery. GPN Orange has an expenditure limit of IDR 10 million per day, with a transfer limit of IDR 50 million per day, and a money withdrawal limit of IDR 5 million per day. The monthly administration fee is only 4 thousand IDRs. In addition to the above varieties, there are many other varieties.

How to make BNI ATM offline

If you want to open a BNI ATM account, you can come to a BNI branch near your own home. Making an ATM card cannot be represented, so you are required to attach documents of various types such as personal identity such as driver’s license or identification card, then NPWP, and KK.

In addition to the maca m range, the above documents, later the bank will also require your signature in an ATM card and passbook. To create an account, you can go to customer service and explain if you want to open a BNI account. Later CS will offer a choice of types of savings.

You only need to adjust the type of savings to your current needs, for example, if you are still a beginner and need an ATM just to save, you can choose the BNI TabunganKu product. However, if you are still a student, you can choose a simple BNI product.

If you have decided on the type of savings, you must fill out the savings account opening form. Complete the account opening accurately and in accordance with personal data ranging from name, date of birth, address, occupation, income and others. Avoid doodling on personal data blanks. How to make a BNI ATM , then you just have to pay the initial deposit.

The initial deposit to open this account varies, depending on the choice of type of savings you wish to open. This initial deposit payment is through the bank teller, so not through customer service. After the initial deposit payment is made successfully, you can get an ATM and a passbook.

Kuunda BNI ATM Online

Creating a BNI ATM can also be done online. If you choose to open an account online, you don’t need to come to the branch office. This service allows youto set up an account anywhere and anywhere.   How to make an online BNI ATM takes only 15 minutes.

However, it should be remembered, if you are required to prepare your identity for the opening, besides you also have to make sure that the mobile phone used is connected to the internet, so that the opening of the account can later be done easily. When all files are ready, you can open the BNI mobile banking app.

  1. Install the BNI bank mobile banking app, download the app via the App Store or Google Store, make sure the phone is always connected to the internet whenexecuting the app download process. The software cannot be fully downloaded if the network is disconnected.
  2. When the download is complete, later the appwill be installed with the interface automatically, you can open the BNI mobile banking app and choose to register. You can read the terms and conditions, if you have read them, click I agree so you can proceed with the opening process.
  3. Choose the type of savings that suits your needs, you can fill in the personal data page based on identity such as NIK KTP, date of birth then enter theOTP sent via SMS, you can also complete your personal data and company data.
  4. If your personal data is filled out, the next way to create a BNI ATM is to upload a selfie photo along with your  ID card, your ID card photo, as well as a signature. Click take a picture of your ID card. Later the mobile screen will activate the camera directly. When uploading a selfie with your ID card.
  5. Click to register mobile bank if you’ve finished uploading data, then you just need to create a user ID to access the service, click the Terms and Conditions and next click. Later you will be given a reference code and select the video bank. After that, you’ll make a video and CS call.

Advantages of using a BNI ATM card

After knowing how to make  a BNI  ATM, another thing you should know is the benefits of using an ATM card from BNI bank. Having a debit card from BNI bank makes it easier for us to make transactions without the need to bring in cash.

With cashless payments, the monthly funds become more discovered, you can see what requirements you use for the entire month. In addition, BNI also has a lot of interesting promos, so you can get discount benefits when making payments with debit cards.

Before opening a BNI account, it’s best to know in advance what your needs are today. Don’t let it just be because you want to pursue the prestige of having a class card, you choose Platinum debt, when you really don’t need it yet, so before you practice how to make a BNI ATM, first know your needs.

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