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A variety of  traditional West Java Nezzi  weapons  are unique and need to be preserved

Understanding the various traditional weapons of  West Java  is  a kind of  love for the homeland and the  state.   As the next generation  of the nation, the  country’s youth and women can better preserve different kinds of homeland cultures  .

Therefore, cultural  heritage  will not fade after death, in fact, Indonesia is actually a culture-rich country.     Not  only traditional weapons, but also many folk songs, traditional costumes, to traditional houses and had to be preserved for the progress of the nation.

5  Traditional West Java Weapons

West  Java province  , which is part  of java island, has a unique variety that is  really attractive.    You can find  a variety of unique ancient equipment  that will surprise you from time to time  .   In the past, these weapons have been used in work activities in the past.

Residents  of West Java province use it for a variety of purposes, from hunting, farming, to as a means of protecting  themselves.   Nevertheless, time continues to develop.  Traditional weapons are no longer used in everyday life.   Its existence was subsequently preserved and is now stored in various museums.

Several  traditional West Java  weapons also still belong to  the Sundance  people.   The types you can recognize until  modern times are as follows  :

  1. Bedog

Bedog  is a knife-like weapon, the size of this thing looks very large, many java island residents  should be familiar with Bedog.   Its size reaches 40 cm and is made of steel and iron, then refined  and piped by forging.

  1. Crab

Among the people of  West Java province, the traditional weapon of  West Java  is called Annie.   It is an object equipped with pisa eyes on one side and a wand on  the other side, this tool is used to  perform vegetable harvesting starting from  hot kangkun.   This equipment is also  used for rice harvesting.

  1. Kankarang

This weapon  is similar to tilting when viewed at a glance.    Size is easier to understand by hand.   As a rule,  these tools are used in farms to farm.   Kangkrang is mostly used by women.   Meanwhile, men use more hoes.

  1. Salimat

West Java province is actually very rich in weapons diversity.   Salimat is an object for  peeling  coconuts out of the skin and the blade is pointed and sharp so that it can be used  to peel off such  a hard scalp.

  1. Gold

The existence of this thing may be quite popular in different regions. This thing is used in doing daily activities. The blade is intensely   curved and shaped like  a  moon creek.   Its presence is used to weed  plants  and  grasses.

The performance of traditional weapons west of Java Kojang and their types

Until now  , you should know a variety of past equipment from different regions, including from the Province of Java  West.   In fact, what are the advantages?

One of the traditional weapons of The West Java  is Kojang.   You  have to be familiar with this one thing.   As it turned out, the variety is quite varied.   Each type has a different function.   Here are some functions and their types.

Kojang  became a typical kind of catheter  tool, the people of the Sanden tribe even  consider that the objects contained magical and  sacred.    That’s why they refer to it as  Hyang or  Cody, which is an  old language.

They consider that Cody or  Hyang have hidden power.   In the  old  Sandenzi language,   Hyang is defined as a God.     Therefore  , Kojang  is regarded as a power when power comes from  the gods.

Their size varies. Some are 20 cm in size and some are 25 cm. This thing is used by men to researchers.   The results are amazing.   They  say that the weapon  was used in the  8th century until  now,  the traditional West Java weapon has different functions  as:

  1. Farm Tools

Some Sundan people use kojang for agriculture.   They continue to use it for nichar to trim   wild plants  .

  1. Symbol

Kojang’s weapon is  also           not necessarily used in various activities, but as a symbol  .

  1. Jahanshkova

It is also  used as weapon protection  in conducting  wars.

  1. Decorating

Many people in western Java  province  had past weapons to  display in their homes.

How to use traditional West Java Baliong weapons

Alongside Kojang,  Baliung is one of the past equipment from Sunda that is still  preserved  today.   The shape of the object  is like  an axe, but now it looks a little more modern  .   Its function  is almost like the axe in general,  which is to do falling trees of  large sizes.

Therefore, this equipment is not only historical as a traditional equipment.     The  people  of   Sanden still  maintain it and even use it until they enter  modern  times  like now.

This shape thing is quite unique.   Its size reaches 35 cm if it measures up to Hilt. If you look at it, this thing handles  at  first glance  it looks very thick if it is badly enough removed.    As such, the cutting power it  will  produce is definitely very high.

You can find the Side of Baliong with a  sharp, thick  surface.   The  long and thick section is then specially able to give a scratch to the bark to  be cut.   Trees with hard barking can also be  scratched using Baliong.

Bandung Museum collection of traditional West Java weapons

In different regions of the country,  traditional  equipment  used since ancient times is actually still  preserved.   They are placed inside the museum so  that the current generation can still use  as well as study them.

Well, it turns out  that many people don’t know that the Bandung Museum has a collection of historical objects, including traditional weapons  from  Sunda.   The collection is numerous and wonderful.   They are neatly maintained  so that it is very easy for any visitor to see and learn about them.

You  can  see  different sets of  ancient weapons exactly in Bumi Pakarang Sassuhuhan, located in the Archamonic Kuta Bandung  .    In addition to being used as a museum,  he  used it  as a residence.

On the first floor, you can  find  a glass cabinet with a variety of weapons typical of west  Java  province.   Entering the second floor,  you can see the different types of objects displayed in the glass cabinet, on the wall, and placed on the table  .

You  will   also definitely be surprised when  you enter the number  3 floor.   On the  floor, different types of dogs, kojangs, and stigma  are displayed.   The wall on the 3rd floor is almost full  of a  variety of weapons  displayed.   Even  the owner’s shelves  were built  on  the  basis that the wall was sufficient to display the weapon.

The younger generation  can love culture  and homeland through Erran  p and maintain a variety of  traditional equipment.   In fact, you can try to use it  when the  object  is actually sold.   Maintain traditional West Java weapons to improve the nation.

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