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Cara Install Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you ever tried to contact a Microsoft volume licensing service center.  This  is usually done to overcome various types of problems related to this product.   Different types of accounts have indeed been provided by this product to make all its users feel more comfortable using it in the work.

One of the accounts that is  usually  required is the VLSC or better known as Volume Licensing Service Center. When you first create this account  , then the VLSC account  can obviously be set up.   Later, you will be asked  to  make  an email confirmation to complete the account creation.

How to Access Software Through Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Have you ever crossed your mind to set up software through VLSC?   As it turns out, this is indeed not something that is impossible to do.   In fact,  there  were a lot of people who made the experience. When you have just purchased Micorosoft software, then access to the software can be done through VLSC.

To access the software through the  Microsoft Volume Licensing service center, the below steps need to be properly understood and  studied.

  1. Register an account through a VLSC

First and foremost a  step to take is to register your account with the VLSC.

  1. Register email on Microsoft

After registering an account through VLSC, you can now register for an email. This issue must indeed be  made and cannot be avoided for  whatever reason.   Several emails can be made including if you are a user from Yahoo or a user from Gmail .


  1. Visit VLSC Website

Step three  , you must visit the official website of the Microsoft Volume Licensing service center.   This can be done through  long   After logging into the website , do not forget to sign in with the Microsoft account you previously registered.

  1. Download

After the above three steps you do carefully and carefully,  the last step to do is to download the software.   This can be done by clicking on the DOWNLOAD AND KEYS section. This button is located at the bottom of the VLSC heading. The list of software can be downloaded here.  How about it, it’s easy, isn’t it?

Benefits of Using Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Some people may not know what a VLSC product is.  However, that product does have its own advantages relating to Microsoft. The program , of course, has several different lists of products that  first appeared  . This seems to be unknown to many people.



The  VLSC  program itself actually has  a  rather different list or list than the products in Retail Stores.   Here are some examples of very significant differences.

  1. Konfigurazzjoni

In fact, Microsoft’s Own Volume Licensing service center  offers quite different  configurations  with some applications. This is especially true for the offices offered.  You can see the difference is quite prominent in the office sectiona.

  1. Server applications

Some of the different things seen from the VLSC can also be seen from the server application    and other applications used.   Applications in company operations as well as development in terms of the software    used look different.


In  this case, some of the available software can only be  accessed through Volume Licensing. Cannot be found in retail version  . So, anyone who wants to use it must go through the VLSC officially.

  1. Windows Update

Another seemingly notable difference in the VLSC is in terms of window updates.   Although it is available in Volume Licensing, still in the operating system license  does not  fully provide it  .

From some of the differences that appear to  be, it is certain that  the products offered are  clearly different from the previous products.   The products that are  sometimes  published are indeed not the same and different even though they both come from Microsoft.

For example, when you request how many  copies  of Windows 8 in English, Microsoft only  sends the CD Room in English.   You will not have software to perform additional installations in other languages  such as French, Spanish, and other languages.

Y ang SoftwareAvailable at Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Are you already interested  in one of these families from Microsoft? One of these important  products  offers quite interesting software to use.   In using this software, there are several advantages that you will get later.   You get a certain number of licenses when installing thean.

Some product types to be obtained from  Microsoft’s  Volume Licensing  service center are as follows.

  1. Service Packages

The first interesting software for you to get when using VLSC is service packages.   You will get this product updated by meeting certain requirements.   Usually, you have to meet the requirements to do this before downloading it.

  1. Uffiċċju Multi

The  next interesting software  that  you will certainly get as well is Language Packs.   This version of the Windows office product reserves the right to request packages from  Multiple Languages.   This will provide benefits for everyone because they can  use  a variety of languages that have been provided by Microsoft.

  1. Get previous versions of products

Another advantage  you can certainly enjoy after  using VLSC is that you can get previous product  versions  . This can be done through the site.  Later, you will get the previous version at the specific address that has been given.

These various advantages will  definitely   be obtained from all users from VLSC. If you are interested in getting it, then the lan instill first.

How to use Downloads in Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

As explained earlier, this product can indeed be used to download various types of necessary files.   However, do you know how to use the files resulting from downloads through VLSC? If you feel confused about using it, then the following method can be easily learned.

  1. Fire

Have you ever recorded a CD?   This is the same when you will burn files  downloaded by VLSC.   This software later gives  commands to burn. So, you can burn via CD or DVD first before you start  using it.

  1. Iftaħ fajl ISO

Another way to do this is to  open the file you download via ISO. When you have software with ZIP  fields  , then copy the file content first to the computer .

  1. Immuntar minn fajl ISO

The last way  to do this is to paste the file from ISO.   This can of course be done if you already have an ISO file.   Later, you can assemble files to access files that appear to  be on a disk drive.

Also, this product from VLSC is indeed widely used now.   You can start making the spears  with the exact steps that have been provided above.   Various benefits can be obtained using products from VLSC.   So, you will  install the Microsoft Volume Licensing service center