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Contoh Soal Asking for Certainty
Please pay attention to the following dialogue and try answering questions 1 and 2!

Thomas: Have you heard? A new student is joining our class today!

John: Are you sure about the news?

Thomas: Yes, in short, I heard that there was a new student from the conversation between Mr. Freddy and Mr. Samuel in the teacher’s room some time ago.

The expression that is in bold is an example of…
Asking for certainty
Asking for repetition
Which of the following expressions is the correct choice for replacing bolded words in the dialog?
Are you really certain about that?
Would it be possible?
I hope it’s true!
No way, that’s a lie!
Contoh Soal Asking for Repetition
The following dialog is for questions number 3 and 4

Lucas: Eddy just bought a new house in Texas!

Evelyn: What did you say?

Lucas: Eddy Montgomery bought a new house in the Texas area!

Evelyn: Wow, that’s excellent news. He’s always wanted to live in Texas.

The sentence in italics is an expression of …
What is the thing that Evelyn wants from Lucas?
Spread the news to others.
Repeated the words he had said earlier.
Told Eddy that he got the house.
Bought Eddy’s new home in Texas.
Contoh Soal Imperative Sentence
Below are the characteristics of the imperative sentence, expect:
The sentence employs an exclamation mark.
An imperative sentence tends to press or requires quick action.
There is no subject in the sentence.
It ends with a question mark.
The following choices are some functions of imperative sentences, except:
Give advice.
To ask something.
Clarify prohibitions.
To give instructions.
Contoh Soal Report Text
Which statement is the correct definition of a report text?
An English text that presents information as it is or is based on facts.
Text that tells a series of events with a chronological system or connected.
A text that retells or apprises events that happen in the past.
It is a text describing how something can be made or used through a series of steps.
Which is the generic structure of a report text?
Complication and Reorientation.
General Classification and Description.
Goals, Materials, and Steps.
Orientation and reorientation.
Contoh Soal Gerund
…….. basketball is not my favorite hobby, but it is suitable for ……… my leg muscles.
Playing and forming
Play and form
To play and to form
Played and formed
You are really good at ……. a wedding dress. Where did you learn those skills?
to make
Contoh Soal Expressing Admiration
The following dialog is for questions number 11!

Tiffany: I got a perfect score on the Physics exam!

Ariel: That’s wonderful news to hear!

Tiffany: Thank you, I studied hard for this exam.

Ariel: That’s incredible!

In the dialogue above, Ariel shows..
Thania: Look at that pink dress, isn’t it pretty?
Josh: ……….

Which is the correct sentence that shows admiration to fill Josh’s dialogue?

Wow, that’s really amazing!
It looks normal.
I don’t like it!
Honestly, I prefer the blue one.
Answer Key
Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester 1
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