Enjoy the various benefits of BNI Credit Cards, easy and fun
Enjoy the various benefits of BNI Credit Cards, easy and fun

Enjoy the various benefits of BNI Credit Cards, Blogpress

If you like shopping, you can enjoy a variety of benefits of the BNI credit card. If you were one of the bank’s customers before, you must have known that BNI will always provide the best service. However, it does not exclude those possibilities of those of you who were not previously part of this bank’s customers.

In this increasingly sophisticated era, there is a growing need. But with limited income, everything is hindered. The existence of credit cards exists to make it easier for people to quickly purchase things of value. You don’t have to wait in advance to collect money when the situation is urgent.

Enjoying the various benefits of the BNI credit card is believed to provide transaction convenience. Starting with the conditions, limitations, fees and profits obtained, it will be very helpful to realize your wishes in the near future without the need to save too long.

Also, different types of banks are competing to provide attractive offers and convenient facilities in order to attract more customers who are interested in applying for credit card creation. Beb e rapa information you need to know about BNI credit cards before you finally decide to use them.

BNI Credit Card Creation Application Requirements

Before you can enjoy the various benefits of a BNI credit card, you must first know what conditions you need to meet in order to apply for card creation. Of course, you need to prepare these terms and conditions before you make a final decision to go to the nearest BNI bank from your current location.

The first requirement is that you must be at least 21 years old when applying for the card, the maximum age limit is 65 years old. That age is a requirement for primary cardholders. The minimum age for additional cardholders is 17 to 65 years old.

The next requirement is to bring a copy of your ID or driver’s license or passport. You don’t have to bring everything, just pick one of them. It is used as a valid identity guarantee for the person applying for a BNI credit card.

Another condition is that you must bring evidence showing the amount of your income. Proof can be in the form of pay stubs, tax returns, or other proof of valid income. Then bring your NPWP or don’t forget to remember. Also, if you already have another credit card number, you’ll be asked to add another credit card number.

What if you are an entrepreneur or professional who does not have a pay stub or NPWP? To relax, you only need to bring a copy of your business certificate or letter from SIUP or TDP and/or Professional License. Of course, there is a minimum salary set by BNI for submissions.

The higher the type of BNI credit card, the higher the minimum salary required to obtain permission to use the credit card. The monthly nominal salary should range from 3 million to 41.7 million. Salary variations vary depending on the type of credit card you choose, and you can receive a variety of benefits from the BNI credit card.

Benefits of the BNI Credit Card

From some testimonials of credit card users, BNI is a type of bank that offers credit card functionality with many advantages. This is because this type of bank has quite a lot of cooperation with various large merchants. With this collaboration, customers can benefit from the BNI credit card.

Enjoy a variety of benefits of the BNI  credit card you get first User n This credit card can be used not only in Indonesia but also abroad. This makes it less likely to worry when you’re running out of budget while traveling abroad.

In addition, BNI relieves users so that they do not have to pay the bill until they have been paid in full for the month. BNI offers an exemption of approximately 10% of the minimum payment amount on the invoice to avoid penalties for late payment.

You will also be charged an administrative fee of IDR 5,000 at a time for each payment. Afterwards, the various free facilities that you will enjoy are  executive facilities for the tunggu berkame ra room, attractive offers by exchanging the reward points you have, and also in the form of enjoying the various benefits of other BNI credit cards.

Restrictions on the Use of BNI Credit Cards and Fees

After knowing the requirements when applying for a tanned BNI credit card, it turned out to be easy, the benefits offered were so numerous and useful that the information about the billing limits and fees provided was also bayarkan.
As previously known, there are several types of cards offered to you in order to enjoy the different benefits of the BNI credit card, but all types of cards have different nominal limitations and fees. This should also be adjusted to match the nominal income you have.

The BNI Silver credit card type requires you to earn at least 3 million, with a monthly card limit of 7 million and 120,000 donations per year. The BNI Gold credit card type requires you to earn 3 million with a monthly card limit of 30 million and a donation of 240,000 per year.

In addition, with the BNI PVG Visa Platinum credit card type, the nominal income is 41.67 million per month, there is no card limit per month, and you have to pay 600 bills per year. It differs from the BNI JCB Precious credit card type with a minimum annual salary of 10 million, a limit of 50 million/month and an invoice fee of 600,000 per year.

Garuda Signature’s credit card type requires you to pay 800,000 donations per year, with a monthly income of 3 million and a limit of 50 million per month. The differences between credit card types can vary greatly, but you can enjoy the various benefits of the BNI credit card depending on the fees paid.

How to apply for a BNI credit card

If you wish to apply for a BNI credit card, you can do so online or on-site. Both options exist to provide a variety of conveniences for customers. The first step can be started by filling out a soft file form (online) or a hard file (onsite).

You will be faced with card type offers, choose the one that suits your abilities that will allow you to qualify for the next stage. This is because if you do not meet the requirements, you will not be given permission to use the credit card. After the conditions are met, you will be given a question.

Questions must be answered undoubtedly honestly. In addition, your relatives and relatives will also be asked to meet the verification so that they can enjoy the benefits of various BNI credit cards. If all requirements are met, your application will be approved.

If it is authorized, you will receive a real credit card for you to spend. It looks simple and straightforward, but it is sensible when using cards. Do not give your pin or card to another person as you may not enjoy the various benefits of the BNI credit card offered.

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