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Grab Call Centre is one of the service centres that  helps users overcome the problems they feel when captured , and such  a service must be really used to  get input and also to solve problems owned by users, noting  that not every application is indeed perfect.

The application is one of the platforms used  to  reassure users of the application  . Especially now it  also competes with other similar applications as it  is also of quality and almost better.

What is grab call centre?

Grab himself will be able  to  experience online Ojack services and other services,  one of  theCASI applications, and  not go out  of the  house if you want to do shopping or anything else  . The function of this application is also very important, so you need a call centre.

Then what  is the grab call centre  of the  application ? This service is a function capable of providing solutions and assistance if users face difficulties or problems while conducting activities through the application . With this service, not all users should be concerned because they will be able to solve them.

Are there any complaints below? Just call the service centre

Did any of you ever feel uncomfortable when using this application? In fact, the confusion that appears in this application is natural because there is often MI communication between the driver and the partner who supports the grab.

If you consider this, but if you want to file a complaint seeking service improvement, the solution is to contact the application’s service centre. What problems can then be complained about in this application? There are many common problems, and you can complain as follows.


One issue  you can ask if it can be  corrected  through  the Grab Call Center  – whether through Grabmart or Grabfood – when you order an item, but the goods will actually come in the same way as the order. If you feel that the ordered item is very important and feel uncomfortable, you can get the item you need to report to the service centre.

The complaint can be lodged within 1×24 hours. Because if it’s been more than 1 day, you can’t file about this issue. If you complain before the grace period, you will receive a replacement item or item to complete the order. The trick is to open settings in the application.

When you want to file a complaint, you can open settings at the service center and file complaints by selecting  the “Goods/orders ordered accordingly” option  .   The  customer will then be asked to fill out the form provided to ensure that the case is accepted or not, accordingly, the amount of the value of the goods will be compensated to the partner through the Overo Virtual Balance.

Experienced problems

Is it possible  to have theissue of goods  ordered in seizures  , but will the condition of the goods not come in accordance with expectations? The incomplete ness of expectations means that damage to property or purchases is not fresh or in good condition. We do not have to worry about the possibility of such cases being filed with the Grab Call Centre.

This method is also very simple so you can try to open settings and then select the Service Center option and select “The grabmart order I ordered is damaged / not fresh.”. However, when a complaint is lodged, a photo of the item must be taken  through four different parties to check if the item is in line with the standards  .

In line with other types of proposals,  if you are within 1×24 hours, you should grab  a PA call centre and file  a similar case, but regarding verifying the response, it may be acceptable for no more than 2×24 hours as grab will conduct its first exam.

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The service center in the grab application appears to function not only to file a problem or complaint, but also to file complaints.

Giving reviews or stars to drivers and partners is an important factor in improving the quality of the grab and it has to be done by users. However, there are some parties, especially new users who  don’t know how to do this  .

If you want to get through this, you don’t need to be confused  , because there are easy ways to apply to enable you to provide stars or reviews, and the trick is to open a service center in the grab application and choose the “Other Complaints” option after selecting “Ratings and Reviews.”

After you select this option, you can then find a way or shortcut to direct the provision of ratings or reviews.  If you consider this method to be  too complicated, you  can contact  the grab call center  directly for guidance.

It will therefore be clear that the application provides a very satisfactory service and that it prefers quality and customer satisfaction to continue to maintain its commitment. It is not surprising whether this application may be one of the routine applications used for everyday life for some people to compete with others, conduct or support an event.

Are you interested  in how to contact  the service center or call center jeerb, where you can immediately vibrate this method if you pay close attention to the information below, the trick is to try to open settings and then select the customer service option and see the bottom option that says “Help”.

After the window opens, the menu scrolls down and immediately “Do you still need help? We’re going to be connected.”. From there, you will be able to contact the service centre.

If you feel it’s hard to do this, you can try to call the number by using credit. The number for this article is 021-8064 8777 jabodettabek area and foreign region 021-80648799.

At the same time, we all need to be more sceptible about how responsible the application is and how much performance and quality grab provides, as it is capable of raising issues acceptable to everyone by providing customer service. You all already have a solution and want to file complaints, which is  to contact the Grab Call Centre.






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