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Traveloka Call Center The latest yang can be contacted 24 hours

As one of the unicorn applications engaged in the travel and hotel business, the manager provides a Traveloka call center to help users.

In addition, users also receive the latest information related to the promotions provided by the manager. So traveloka users don’t panic when they experience problems. Thus, it can be said that Traveloka is one of the best and most likely applications in the eyes of users.

In general, call center services provided by the application manager can be contacted 24 hours in 7 days. For this reason, you are advised to contact traveloka call center directly if you have various problems such as the booking code cannot be used for problems using the traveloka paylater service.

The importance of Traveloka Call Center for app users

The role of call centres in large companies, such as Traveloka, is quite important. As one of the companies in the field of ticketing and travel business, Traveloka certainly needs experienced call centre officers and can work professionally.

This is because the function of this call center officer is useful for responding and providing solutions to any obstacles or problems felt by users of the app. In addition, there are several calling roles in addition to answering the problems faced by Traveloka users. Among them are the following:

  1. Provide information about Traveloka products

The role of this call center is very important in building a brand image in the eyes of users. To build a brand image in the eyes of users, companies like Traveloka must answer all questions needed by users. Therefore, call centre officers will provide detailed information related to various products of promotions organised by Traveloka.


  1. Highlighting suggestions and criticisms from users

Traveloka Call Center officers  are also tasked with recording all suggestions, inputs and criticisms from users of the app.


Of these things, the app manager can know what the user wants. Thus, managers can improve services so that consumers are satisfied with the services of the Traveloka app.

  1. Report on special services for consumers

And the last role of the call center is to notify special services to consumers. In Traveloka, there are several special services for certain consumers, such as traveloka Paylater.


This service is a loan that can be used by users to buy Traveloka products, such as booking hotels, buying food vouchers, buying vehicle tickets.

How to contact Traveloka Call Center via interactive phone

Traveloka itself provides a lot of call center services. It is noted that there are 4 methods that you can choose to connect with officers and file complaints, obstacles, to login related to Traveloka products and systems.


For those of you who want to contact traveloka call center officials via interactive telephone connection, then you can contact 0804-1500-308 directly. Then, you can also contact (021) 2910-3300. You are charged a phone fee if you contact the call center according to the applicable regulations.


By contacting the integrated information center provided by the application manager for 24 hours, then you can get a solution to the problem it faces directly. Because, you can speak directly by the officer from the reporting center. Therefore, this method is widely used by users who have quite serious problems.


How to contact Traveloka Call Center via social media

Traveloka then also notified the call centre via social media and the official email. For those of you who do not have enough credit to contact the interactive phone center, then you can contact traveloka call center via social media or email.


This method is also quite effective. Because you should only send a message via direct message (DM) to Traveoka’s social media. How to contact the call center via social networks is quite easy.


First, please log in to your personal Twitter or Facebook account. Then, please find an account on behalf of @traveloka (Twitter) or Traveloka (Facebook). Make sure your social media account is confirmed by a blue tick logo.


Then, please send a message via direct message (DM) to the account.

However, the officer needs more time to respond to the message you sent. Therefore, this method is often used by consumers who do not experience urgent problems. In addition, this method is also suitable for those of you who just want to ask about production services and information about traveloka promotions.

How to contact Traveloka Call Center via a website

You can also complain of problems or problems using the Traveloka app through the official website. Traveloka’s official website is also equipped with a live chat feature. With this feature, you can easily record the problems experienced at the Traveloka Call Center.


First, please access the Traveloka website first. Remember to register an account first if you have not yet registered. You can register using a personal email address. Then, find the “contact no” menu.


After that, an e-form will appear that you must fill in. Please write down the obstacles you face. If the problem is unable to use traveloka products, then select a problemproduct along with the booking code. Attach a support card to make it easier for the user service to check the order you purchased from Traveloka. After that, hit the send-off. Wait a minute until you get a response from the officer at the Traveloka Call Center.


How to contact Traveloka Call Center via a mobile app

Traveloka also notified the mobile app call center. It can be said that traveloka call center through this mobile app is the busiest.


To connect to traveloka call center services, you must download and install the app through the Google Play Store (Android Phone) or App Store (iOs). Then, log in to your Traveloka account first.


Then, go to the “my account” menu. Then enter the “auxiliary center” menu. Then, select the “contact no” menu. Please convey the obstacles experienced. Then, hit the send-off.


Officers from the Traveoka Call Centre  will examine the obstacles you experience. The officer will respond to a complaint filed on the inbox menu on the home page of the Traveloka app.


As one of Indonesia’s largest ticketing and travel companies, Traveloka certainly provides call center services. You can contact this integrated information service for 24 hours. If you have problems with orders or want to find out information about the product and promotions, then you can call the call center directly. Noticed, there are 4 ways to contact Traveloka call center that you can use.

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