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Here’s how to easily transfer Ovo to GoPay

In this article, we will discuss how to easily convert Ovo to Gopey, where there are many things that you need to pay attention to. In today’s modern era, there are electronic wallet services that can help when making transactions, such as gopay, funds, etc.

In addition, by using electronic wallets, there are also usually many attractive offers such as discounts or promos compared to the use of cash.  Naturally, nowadays many people are turning to using electronic wallets instead of cash.

This not only makes it easier for users to transact, but you also don’t have to bother to fill your wallet just to pay for groceries. As far as simply bringing a smartphone or debit card is concerned, making a purchase becomes easier and more convenient. So,  know  how to top up the Ovo balance to pay correctly below.

Knowing what an electronic wallet is

Please note that electronic wallet payments related devices are  a useful service  to help store data  or  are  better known today as alternative payment devices.  Almost all shopping centres and restaurants implement this electronic payment system.

In addition to making it easier for consumers in the payment process, this method is quite effective as it can have quite high security. Therefore, you  do not need to deposit so much cash in the cashier’s drawer. With this e-wallet, your money will be protected indirectly by the bank.

With this digital or electronic wallet, all you need to do is use cards and electronic money to hold funds and make transactions. Generally, these digital wallets are more popular with the term e-wallet or electronic wallet. The usage itself is able to make it easier for users to transact without cash.

As is known, Indonesia already has several types of e-wallets that are widely used by the public including OVO Cash, TCASH, GO-PAY, DANA, and others. In this article, we will discuss how to easily transfer Ovo to Gopay .

The use of this e-wallet is under the patronage of Bank Indonesia itself, so it is used a lot daily. Each of these e-wallets definitely has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. There are many things that you  can get from e-wallets like discounts, online promos, etc.

How to convert OVO to GoPay that you need to know about

When you want to shift your Ovo balance to Gope, there are a lot of things you  need to know  about. As far as Ovo and Gopay accounts are concerned, both must have a confirmed status to make it easier for you when you want to transfer your balance.  The procedure itself is very simple and does not make it so difficult for you as a user.

If this has not been confirmed,  you need to upgrade your account first  . This method is quite simple in itself  , the only requirement is to upload the photo of the ID card along with the selfie photo while holding the ID card.  Then, your Owo cash funds can be transferred to GoPay.  Here are ways to convert Ovo to GoPe that need to be considered which include:

  1. Open and run the OVO application on your smartphone.
  2. Then click on the “Transfer” button .
  3. Then, please enter the amount of funds that you wish to transfer.
  4. Klooked at the “Gem Bank” option.
  5. PIs any other procedure, enter the account number of the destination to be transferred. Where you need to use the following format: Cellphone numbers registered in the Gope account at 898 and beyond for example : 897085725678.
  6. Next, press the “Transfer” button.
  7. Then, press the “Confirm” button.
  8. When this is done, wait a few minutes until a pop-up notification message appears on the cellphone screen to indicate that the transaction was successful.

If  a pop-up notification appears stating that the transfer process has been successful,  the balance on your account will be automatically deducted immediately.  After that, the recipient is only required to check whether the balance has been entered on the Gope account or not. If it has not been sent, users  should contact the OVO Call Center immediately  .

How to transfer Ovo to GoPe is actually very easy and hassle-free, so you can make good use of your e-wallet without having to withdraw cash through atms. In addition, in this modern era, every shopping mall already has many electronic payment systems available, etc.

Some terms in the  payment process

Based on the Ovo to Gopay transfer procedures mentioned above  , there are several provisions in the fund transfer process that also need to be considered.  To complete transfer transactions, each user  must first become a premier member.

While in the transaction process, the time usually given is quite short and can be less than 1 minute. Moreover, in the balance transfer process, theminimum IDR is usually 10 thousand and it is  applicable to all banks or your account.

Therefore, those who have idr dues of less than 10 thousand  cannot transfer your dues.  You need to top up first so that the transaction process can be done immediately. As far as mobile banking or ATM is concerned, you can  easily top up your balance, even  GoPay.

Please note thatthe Ovo application  has  only implemented a minimum transfer of IDR 10 thousand, so it is certainthat your dues are sufficient. Not only this, there is also a transfer fee, which is charged on IDR 2500 per transaction.

You also need a ta hu if  ovo points cannot be transferred to your account. Why is that? This is because the Ovo Point  can only  be used  for food, groceries, catching rides and catching cars  . Therefore, many people pay with Ovo Cash to get cashback at Ovo Point.

The OVO point cannot be transferred to GoPay as it is a reward or cashback that is usually given after making a payment through Ovo Cash. In general, the amount of ovo points received also depends on the available promo.

If you want to pay for groceries with Ovo Points, but the arrears are low, you can add them with the help of Ovo Cash. So it can be concluded that  how to convert Ovo to Gopay is actually very easy, but this does not apply to Ovo point transfers.

How long does the Ovo balance transfer process take and what is the amount of fee?

As is known, there has been a change in the e-factative since January 2020  , where OVO has started implementing  the transfer  fee  for the bank of IDR 2,500 per transaction.  Earlier, he had offered 10 free transfers to any bank without minimum balance.

Although  there is currently a transfer fee for every transaction, this transfer fee is much cheaper  as compared  to traditional banks, which is IDR 6,500.  In addition to the way ovo is converted to gopay which is relatively easy, the transfer fee is also very affordable.

In addition, it is very easy how to transfer Gopay, where the delivery of P Rose  to Gope is less than 1 minute. Don’t worryif you use this application to process transactions or transfer money between different banks.

If your Ovo account still has a lot of balance, but you want to make a purchase using Gopay, don’t worry. Based on the above information, about how to transfer Ovo to Gopay , it is hoped that this can help you not get further confused if you want to shop when the GoPay dues are empty.

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