More information about MSI Trusted Service Centers in Indonesia
More information about MSI Trusted Service Centers in Indonesia

1Suara More information about MSI Trusted Service Centers in Indonesia

For those who use products manufactured by MSI, having an msi service center in your city can be very helpful. This is related to problems that may arise in the future. Make sure that you don’t just provide services to the technology you have by bringing the technology you have to the fake service.

For those who work in the field of information technology, the products produced by MSI are familiar to you. This product of excellent quality will be your favorite item to choose for your work. The performance offered when running various applications is also very fast.

In addition, the company also presents the MSI Service Center as a legitimate repair service from this technology brand. The issued goods are already the customer’s own and are not fake, as they have their own service center. Although you could not reach its presence in all of Indonesia.

There are several reasons why you might need to buy an MSI product compared to other products. At a relatively similar price, using MSI products improves quality and performance. This is evidenced by the spread of branches all over the world.

However, when you decide to buy, you need to pay attention to whether the product sold by the distributor is new and original. Unless you’re looking for something similar, don’t accept reconditioned items. This is to avoid any losses that will occur in the future.

What drives MSI and MSI Service Centers

Before you know the basics related to MSI Service Center, you need to know more about MSI. The company is abbreviated as Microstar International or MSI from Zhongxi, Taipei City, Taiwan.

The company is engaged in the production of various computer-based technologies. Even a few years ago, it claimed to be the world’s largest company engaged in information technology. The products produced by this company are sets of notebooks and tablets, PCs, servers, multimedia, motherboards, etc.

The number of products produced by MSI is not the main one. This is why this company eventually formed a service called the MSI Service Center. With the large amount of technology produced, the company has been able to respond quickly to problems and improve its products.

As the name suggests, Micro-Star International Service Center is MSI’s official service for loyal customers who have problems with the performance of the product machine they are repairing. Unstable and stagnant engine performance can affect the mood and speed of the product.

Of course, it can actually be repaired by the usual technology-specific service services, but you can avoid side damage due to repairs. It is better to bring the goods for repair only to the party who issued the goods.

Services provided by the MSI Service Center

MSI has a fairly high popularity in Indonesia. This can be seen from the continuous increase in product sales in Indonesia. When you purchase MSI products, you get some of the best services and facilities that the company can offer.

Some of the facilities offered by the service center allow you to first consult online about product issues. This is related to the next action you must take. Once you know the problem, you can take steps to improve the product.

If you can’t find the nearest service center location in your city, you don’t have to worry because the company accepts delivery of the goods for repair and is guaranteed to be safe because there is a warranty. You can also periodically check if your luggage has arrived safely at your destination address.

In addition, the MSI Service Center not only offers features in the form of the latest software downloads, but also obtains the latest drivers, instructions and utilities. A discussion forum on the published product is also provided, increasing mutual literacy if there are potential buyers who do not understand.

You can also check if the MSI product you purchased is real or fake. The product section has a barcode that can be scanned. The results of the barcode scan cannot be manipulated because all sales of the technology by the MSI company are already listed on the list owned by the company.

Prices for products and services offered

We have quite a few loyal customers, so we can buy products online or on-site. Make sure that the website or online shop that sells the product is trusted, both in terms of the originality and the warranty that the goods are provided at the time of shipment and in the middle.

This is because, in accordance with the facilities of the MSI Service Center, you are entitled to a product safety guarantee until it is safely on hand and there are no defects. The price of the products sold by the MSI company is not the main, so the warranty is very necessary.

One of MSI’s best-selling products is the laptop. However, the laptops on sale are the type suitable for gamers. The price of the laptop is very profitable, ranging from 6 million to 60 million. The price is very expensive for a laptop. But the nominal you spend matches the quality you get.

The laptops used can also usually last on an annual count. Gamers choose to use MSI laptops because of their high HD and clear screen, and the processor used does not cause frequent lags. It is also easy to repair thanks to the MSI Service Center.

The service charge depends on the severity of the damage experienced by the customer. Just by replacing a few chips and spare parts, you can receive a charge of about 150 million to 1 million rupiah. However, in some situations, if you think the problem is simple, you will not be charged anything.

List of MSI Service Center locations throughout Indonesia

Once you know the facilities, the product prices and the cost of the product service, you need to know the location of the various service centers. This information can help you respond quickly to send your products when you are experiencing a problem that you cannot solve on your own.

Currently, MSI is still present in several major cities in Indonesia. The places are Jakarta, Madiung, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Makassar, Padang, Bandung, Medan, Semarang and Bekasi. You can adjust the location closest to your current location.

The products issued by MSI are one of the excellent products whose quality is valued not only by the Indonesian people but also by the world. No wonder the price offered is also very nice just for a laptop. If you are a student, saving money is the way to be able to buy this dream laptop.

Although it is famous for being used as a gaming laptop, MSI’s laptop is also very suitable for use in work as usual. The features and applications provided make it easy to get your work done quickly. Up-to-date applications and software are regularly downloaded as part of the MSI Service Center facilities.

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