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Popular West Java musical instruments

West Java regional musical instruments have their own characteristics compared to instruments from other regions. Modern musical instruments, such as musical instruments, rhythms, violins, and so on, may already have  traditional musical instruments before the advent of various modern musical instruments.

More and more traditional cultures, including local musical instruments, but control of traditional instruments from West Java There are still many generations of young people who are involved in the conservation process , and both instruments are often performed as traditional musical instruments .

In fact, there are many other local musical instruments that our children and grandchildren should be proud of and preserving so that they can learn the  instrument  later . So we will review the most popular folk music in West Java  through the following article:

 Rabbis Made of Copper

This musical instrument in West Java dates back to the 9th century and continues to this day. This musical instrument, made of copper, has three or three nails as a pronunciation producer.

As time went on, there was a fundamental material change to make rabbis originally made of copper and now resembles a cross There are many Pharisees made of wood, and the method of playing is as much a musical instrument as when playing a modern melody called the violin.

 Flute musical instruments made of bamboo

The West Javenet musical instrument is then the most popular, called the pipe, which is  made of  bamboo or wood. There are also holes to adjust the tone to differentiate the number of holes ranging from 4 to 8.

The number of holes is adjusted according to the requirements of the song to be played. There are four holes in the  collection, and the existence of the throne is very important as a musical instrument, because traditional accents can be sung so thickly.

Remarkable Karen

One of the most popular West Javan musical instruments is Karen Din,  who must place  this distinctive musical instrument on its lips to play, and then the bat can be scraped out of the handle and fingertips to pronounce it.

Bamboo is often used as a material in carindine, but there is also carindine from the surface of palm trees, mostly from palm trees to men. Often, bamboo is used for women, and in the past, Karen was used not only as a musical instrument but also as a medium in rice fields.

 Callum Musical Instruments

The traditional West Javanese musical instrument, Anklong , because most people initially seem to have the same traditional West Javanese musical instrument as Callung The musical instruments cannot be identified; the calories are made of bamboo-type bamboo or black bamboo, and there is also too much calories made of some kind of bamboo.

The device is played according to the type of callum, whether it is Jean Jean-Calum or Rantay Callum, and the carry-on calon is played using only the right hand. His left hand was to hold Callum, and he was played with both hands and cross-legged to facilitate the movement of the player.

 Multitonal and Double-Pitched Angklung

You are not West Java, but you  already know this  traditional instrument because it is often displayed as one of the most popular folk  musical instruments from West Java,   and  this instrument made of bamboo  is  also known for multitonal or double shelf.

It also seems to be easy to play by shaking the instrument, and the effect of the bamboo body becomes a source of excellent production in a variety of sounds Because of all the vibrations of the instrument, Anklong is designated as a microphone musical instrument.

Terawasa resembles Rebekah

The appearance may resemble Rabbat in Terawansa, but the difference is that the number of Tawangsa  strings is only two parts. It is not unlike a  rabbi with three armored armor to more easily and quickly identify the two musical instruments.

You have two nails, but you can play only one throat, meanwhile, by taking out the index of your left index finger and playing the other fingers. I used to play with other musical instruments, often with other musical instruments, such as Jentreng, to produce such beautiful notes or compositions.

Traditional musical instruments, Lute

Another interesting West Javan traditional music is the harp, and the presence of ants as an accompanying tool in Sandantinban is very important. Related to the two functions of the harp, related to the baby’s harp and the harp of the baby when accompanied by traditional Senden music with the mother’s harp and the baby’s harps, so it is important to know the harp.

The parent begins to set music and harpsichord, usually 18-20 nails. The number of strings is lower there, which compares to 15 pieces compared to the number of strings for parental fraud.

 Arumba Tradital Musical Musical Instruments

Another musical instrument we should learn from West Java is Aramba, especially for people outside West Java.  They are not yet familiar with the name of the instrument, and Aramba simultaneously incorporates a large group or musical instrument.

This musical instrument is made of quality black bamboo (wolf), bamboo, or bamboo clouds. Although many yards are combined, Aramba eventually becomes the kind of music we know from some of the traditional West Java songs.

Jinglong as a basic pronunciation maker

Another West Javan musical   instrument was Jenglong, who made West Javan music very important Yet, many of us are unfamiliar with this musical instrument from the west Java region.

A specially filmed gas is used to beat Jinglung to produce a sound or sound. Generally, these boxers flatter themselves to tender themselves, whether from wool or from threads or from threads.

Saliva of bamboo  skin

Eventually, you will learn a traditional device called cylindrical cylindrical cylinders made of bamboo skin by using hammers on bamboo pieces. Thus, it is  not easy to make  this traditional musical instrument  because each rod must have different shapes and different sizes of the Internode.

Selampong has two strings of various functions, cables for strings and ropes for Slendro accents so that they can be used for longer stirring In addition to silicon, the sitter is often used in Gamalen cylinders as a unique feature that is still preserved today.

From West Java, there are still many  traditional musical instruments   that can be found on its own  .  Most of the traditional musical instruments  are  natural He is very aware of the traditional impression that it is made of wood or bamboo or bamboo, so don’t stop knowing west Javier’s musical instruments.  

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