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Ford Service Center is backto serve its employees

b .Agi  Mina Leronki and ford car owners , of course , will return to the Ford Services Centre in the country  . After the sale , the services and official ford services were actually closed from Indonesia because the agent with the brand in his hand was left . But now , ford consumers should no longer be concerned .

Although it has not opened a service for three years , Ford Karunki can still receive warranty service and service . Unfortunately , it is not easy to get such services and is rarely found , only talking about searching for the necessary places . So closing the Ford Brand Service Centre is very difficult .

Ford Service Centres are currently appearing under PT supervision in Indonesia  . Business partners . The company is part of the RMA group . Indonesia ‘s business partner acts as the official distribution of Ford Indonesia ‘s services and replaces itself with ptfma or ford motor Indonesia .

This official SS Center can actually provide many facilities for the users of this car. One of them is the service after the sale of ford products. There are other services that can be obtained by consumers to pay attention to the quality of the car.  For more details , see review below .

Providing services for Ford car users

In the activity of selling and buying vehicles , both four wheels and two wheels are services after sale or after sale that every consumer has the right to use products from the company . This right is fully granted to its consumers by the company to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of the services .

After sale , some forms of services are in the form of providing the original car , appliances , product guarantees , and even rotational car maintenance and advice . Through the Ford Service Centre , you can get services that your car will use for the next few years while you are still using it .

Ford ‘s car service and security service are performed to control the engine condition of your car , the quality of the parts if it is still in accordance with the store or should be given to maintain it in good condition . You can go directly to the official service centre and check all out .

If it is found that the condition of the car part has deteriorated or is not working properly , services and advice are needed through the Ford Service Center to repair their work .  You don’t need to worry if your four-wheel-drive car is damaged or the engine ‘s job is not desirable .

Providing the original ford section

The next service after sale , which you can enjoy from the Official Ford Service Centre , is the main part of the quality and of course the cars . The spare is unacceptable in the service and protection of your car . Because , providing spare parts supports other services .

The spare or spare room itself is defined as a type of equipment or equipment that is useful for repairing , placing and maintaining ford car products purchased by consumers . The main or main part will affect the better and general health of the car .

The preparation of the spare shall also be complete . As long as this interest is complete , it will meet the needs of the car owner . The quality of the sections should also be taken into account . The Ford car you have as your own car requires quality and original spare time to maintain the procedure

Providing non-original spare sprouts will affect the continuation of the machine . Ford car owners will  be quick to repair and protect the  ford service centre because it  is not a fire . However , you do not need to worry because at the official service centre , everything is original .

Get a guarantee after you have completed your purchase

Another thing that consumers have the right to obtain guarantees in the car after completing the ford car purchase activity . In general , the guarantee itself provided by the company is a guarantee to convince customers of the good and sustainable quality of its products for a specified time .

Ford Service Centres are always trying to show their consumers that consumer-selected and purchased products are in good condition and are ready to be used in the next few years . If the product is damaged at the specified time , the consumer can claim the guarantee .

This guarantee is also useful for consumers ‘ trust in the products they buy . This means that the company is willing to tolerate the risk if in fact the quality of the purchased product is harmful or neglectful . The presence of this guarantee is certainly very useful for consumers as customers of this Ford car product .

If you want to claim a guarantee provided by this Ford Service Centre  , you only need to inform the state of your product that you are experiencing a reduction or loss for the company . Also make sure that the time you claim is not more than the guarantee period . From now on , you can get a guarantee .

Where and how did you find the Ford Service Center ?

Another question that often arises in the minds of Ford car users is where to find a service center . The service centre was actually closed in Indonesia for almost three years. In any case, it has now been reopened and it is very easy to find and locate.

Currently , Ford service centres are available throughout Indonesia and almost all  cities . Some are in Debt , Jakarta , Bakasi , Tanrang , Bandung , UgiaKarta , Samarang , and other cities . Of course , it doesn’t matter where you are , now you don’t need to find an official ford service centre .

In order to easily check the distribution of the service centre , you can to find it immediately in the city where you live . If you need to answer or solve some problems , you can contact the Ford Brand Official Call Centre directly .

The ford service center number you can call  is 0807-1-90-9000. This call center service is available from 08.00 to 17.00. Not only  through the call centre , you can ask different questions , but you can indo.customersupport@rmagroup for the address  . You are free to ask anything .

As a Ford car user , your concern has disappeared today . All your facilities and rights can be enjoyed best with the re-existence of the Ford Service Centre . In Indonesia , Ford will always try to provide the best service for its customers , so this belief will rise .

Now , it ‘s time for you to enjoy all the services you have for the four-wheel ford . By maintaining regular protection , placing the main parts and parts , and consulting with trained and competent technicians . Ford cars , which are European products , are low in areas .

Make sure you always pay attention to the needs of your car so that its quality and activity are always maintained . Because the car is not only bought for tomorrow ‘s needs , but also for the next few years . To do this , send everything to the Ford Service Centre , which is always a sum of services for you .

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