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Get to Know the Most Complete Names of Cities di West Java


When discussing cities in West Java, this may not end because there are quite a lot of them. This province is included in the territory of the Island of Java, which is famous for having the largest population in the archipelago. In addition, it turns out that it has its own uniqueness, which deserves our knowledge.


At present, West Java is still made up of regents and cities, each of which turned out to be endowed with different traditions. If you visit all the areas, you can find a variety of interesting and distinctive attractions. You can also enjoy cheap meals in each different area.


Provincial Capitals and State Buffers


The capital of West Java is Bandung, famous as the best region for economic or touristic affairs. This is really not wrong because it is always used as a good place to visit tourists. In fact, it is often used as a venue for events on a national and international scale, both music concerts and state events.


There are several cities in West Java,  such as Depok, Bekasi and Bogor, as buffers for the country. Indeed, all three are included in Jabodetabek, which supports the activities of the National Capital. In fact, there are many people who come in and out of Jabodetabek every day, both workers and ordinary people who want to have recreation to refresh their minds.


West Java itself has 27 counties and cities, which means that the number of regions shows that each region has its own uniqueness. For Bogor, Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bandung, West Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Kuningan, Cirebon, Majalengka, Sumedang, Indramayu, Subang, Purwakarta, Karawang, Bekasi and Pangandaran regions. All of them have their own characteristics.


Meanwhile,  the cities in West Java consist of Bogor, Sukabumi, Bandung, Cirebon, Bekasi, Depok, Cimahi, Tasikmalaya and Banjar. All these areas, although included in the development, are still famous for being exotic. Therefore, it is suitable for relaxation, so that it is often used as a place for couples’ honeymoon.


In addition, it turned out to be still suitable as a place to find work, as it was still supported by local government until now. Moreover, the UMR is still quite high, so working here is a separate consideration. Then it is not impossible for the number of business opportunities to increase even more thanks to state support.


The Uniqueness of the City of  West Java


This province ranks as one of the regions with the greatest story of the struggle for independence, so it is very unique. For example, the struggle of Bandung Lautan Api was deliberately burned so that the colonists at that time could not enter the Bandung territory. Of course, even now it still moves when it is said.


In addition, the city in West Java, as we know,  is also endowed with many traditional cultures, from dance to music. Moreover, they never separated themselves from the Sundan people in relation to culture and still managed to maintain their existence well. Moreover, there is always a saung or place to learn about Sundan culture.


Another uniqueness is that the various West Java regions have rather thick royal and mystical period stories. For this reason, stories about the Sundan kingdom are often included in movies or soap operas. Likewise,  mystical topics are often discussed, both of which can go viral all the time on various social media.


The area in West Java is also unique among other provinces because it has a high density. This is because many people from outside the region try to find a job chance or work there. In addition, it is still a political city, especially when it comes to the election of national or regional authorities.


A large number of residents are making West Java increasingly rebuild its identity for the better. So far it has been proven that there is more tourism and an abundance of cuisine. This is being supported again with the help of local governments to young people who want to get directly into their own business.


Cities as the Best Natural and Artificial Attractions in West Java


First, it is highly recommended to visit the Green Canyon in the Pangandaran area. This tour offers views of the sagging rocks, clean water and caves. This is not much different when visiting the famous Stone Garden on social media, where there are black and airy hills full of beautiful rocks.


The name of the city in West Java is next in Kuningan, exactly the tourist area of Panembongan hill. Bukit is definitely a must visit when visiting West Java, especially if you want to escape the complex cityscape. On this hill, you can enjoy the view from a height, refreshing the eyes.


Other proposals are Bandung and Telaga Remis Kuningan’s white crater. West Java is very well known for having the best craters and lakes in Indonesia. Especially now there is development so that access is easier. Therefore, enjoying the beautiful lake no longer has to cross difficult terrain roads.


Also Bogor and Tasikmalaya should not be left behind as the name of the city in West Java for tourists  . If you visit Bogor, you are allowed to go directly to Bogor Special Camp, especially camping activities. If you go to Kampung Naga Tasikmalaya, traditional rural building tourism is more comfortable in the village.


Finally, there is a fountain park from Purwakarta, which was built a few years ago in west Java tourism recommendations. It is so spectacular that it is even called the largest fountain in Southeast Asia. Even better, because the fountain system belonging to the Purwakarta regional government is said to match Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Typical and Unique Sundan Cuisine


When talking about the kitchen on behalf of a city in West Java, perhaps many people call it sablak or batagor. But in fact the most traditional and original is the peuyeum, from which it is made of fermented cassava. Even if there are tourists visiting Bandung and its surroundings, it is easy to find peuyeum shops on the streets.


Another snack, as the name suggests, is sumedang tofu, which comes from the Sumedang region. For the actual production method, it’s the same as making tofu without filling, but it will be seasoned using super spicy pepper powder. Although it was considered a snack, it turned out that it contained vitamins so that it could be enough for nutrition at that time.


Then for the typical kitchen for the most famous souvenirs, of course dodol garut. This dodol is already known throughout the country due to its color and delicious taste. In addition, it is quite inexpensive when buying it in large quantities at once. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a souvenir for family at home or in close friends.


This is more or less the same as the typical mochi of Sukabumi, because it is best suited as a souvenir item. This processed mochi is very delicious because it is chewable and sweet, plus it is added with the nuts so that its taste is more unique. In terms of chewing or taste, it is not inferior to foreign mochi.


Finally, the proposal of batajor and meatballs, which are very tasty to consume, since it is a thick peanut sauce with the addition of spicy pepper sauce. It can now be used as a snack item for souvenirs, because durable packaging is provided. This is a form of culinary advancement in the province of West Java.


We have seen for ourselves how the number of regional divisions in the province of West Java has made development even better. Especially in terms of tourism, it is a society that is gradually developing into the economy. It  is not surprising that the names of some urban areas in West Java regularly  receive awards directly from the National government.

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