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Ask for an invalid MMI code

When trying to dial the operator number with  a smartphone, then there is a pop-up window that books into the invalid MMI code, which is confusing also. If at that time, the  respective operator must be trusted. However, the code entered may have been

However, for the user, Juncheng must know that the MMI code thinks that it is impossible  to  actually be quiet, not chaotic, and then can Standalone, and then try to  be the operator as it needs  although  you really have to look at a few steps first

Try to reduce even MMI code, do not use it suddenly.  It is necessary to wait a few seconds depending on the operator. There is no need to fear that your smartphone will be broken, and the operator’s network will also be closed.

At this point, please know that if the retry is not solved, you can start the application to determine the MMI code. You don’t need to come, you can still overcome yourself

Know the  MMI error code of your phone

Human-machine interface, code MMI also. This code makes the phone featured. Special codes are actually combined with symbolic numbers. When the operator must use  special work, so it is easy also.

Use this special code when you need to take the Internet quota letter and IMEI and other requests for information However, answer the question Invalid MMI code is Judas, With its  obstruction of the matter, when to private inspection  of information on the network

In all things, the number of symbols fallacy, such as network design  , mobile phone memory  or multiple storage texts  whose code passes   , mobile phones Temporary passes, and the lack of operator number assistance also reduced

It is not a matter of  connecting invalid MMI codes on the mobile phone, and the  user can do it for him And then easy to repair

Practical tips for reducing code fallacies

If the existing MMI  code is invalid, it is easy to think that the solution is  suspected  to be the fault of the signal network, so the  solution restarts the phone , then leave on for a few seconds, then try the carrier. This step will help you fix the error on your phone later

Next-generation solutions make it easier to test the equation on a smartphone  and repeat it for a while. This is a useful solution that can be repaired repeatedly, and the speed is positive for the phone

When you see an invalid MMI code, or do not  redeposit real memory.  Still remembering  that if you do not repeat the document, Xi will eventually  do its job,  so try to delete the  memory of the simplified manager  If it is not heavy, the document is more important than the child

In addition to the cache of the mobile phone, the essay will be used by the memory of the multiplication to him. Of course, in the settings section, you can easily look for storage that can actually be cleaned up. It is also helpful to regularly maintain smartphone memory.

Combine operator numbers to specific tokens

If the previous quick trick is  not clear that the MMI  code is invalid and still exists, please try to use the operator in another step, Inserting special symbols in the operator code can be used as a proxy to never negate

You can type the  + sign  at the beginning of the code to tune *123#  as you want, and then try to edit *+123#. The + number will take longer This operation or can successfully overcome the invalid code of the phone too

One can also use the special symbol comma also. However, unlike the previous character, you must insert this comma character at the end of  the code. As in the book *123, #. Add a comma to the dial pad and press the * button for longer

This symbol is a little-known step. If it has been done by others, there is no reason to insert characters. However, please save the MMI code and use it in the right way

Or read the specific code of a given order. Therefore, the steps can be a solution, and it can be assigned and used to try and use, and there is an invalid MMI code

Why is the high solution of Easy Signal

Fang Jinguang uses large signal strength smartphone ENIS network for 4G LTE. However, this matter  has also been cited a lot, such as asking for invalid MMI codes  Therefore, it is often a short message , no such signal. Network priority Internet network also

YesKatsuya, trial rights change   4G to 3G. Only  Short phone messagesWhat you ask for, you canExcellent network. This profit and loss operator  code之Over also。

To do this, you can go to Phone Settings, and then use the Move Network option . When selected ,  there will be a mobile phone option. The rest but changed it from 4G to 2G/3G, and then saved and tried to call the operator as before.

In this way, the telephone network will be stronger, and the combination of multiple reading MMI symbols will be blameless. The truth is that there are many smartphones today  Therefore, in this  barrier, there are more older versions of smartphones, so it is necessary to adjust first

This network is among the 100 operators of mobile phones, Xinke . For this reason, it is not immediately confused, all can be done. Judah solution available, do not encounter  contact  invalid MMI code, but the latest  smartphone  Losing will be small



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